Soup Bases, Meat Bases, Gravy Mixes, Seasonings

We offer a wide variety of bases and mixes to be used in entrees, soups, sauces, gravies and other food products!

Soup Bases and Mixes:

Soup Base with Beef
Soup Base with Chicken
Beef Flavor Economy Base
Chicken Flavor Economy Base
Low Sodium Beef Soup Base
Low Sodium Chicken Soup Base
Clam Chowder Mix
Cream of Vegetable Mix
Cream of Tomato Mix
Broccoli Cheese Mix
Clam Chowder Mix
Cream of Chicken Mix
Onion Soup/Dip Mix
Cheese Soup Mix

Meat, Poultry, Seafood and Vegetable Bases:

Beef Base
Chicken Base
Vegetable Base
Clam Base
Lobster Base
Ham Base
Mushroom Base
Turkey Base
Chili Base
Pork Base
Fish Base
Crab Base
Shrimp Base

Gravy Mixes, Gravy Bases, Sauce Mixes:

Brown Gravy Mix
Country Gravy Mix
Au Jus Gravy Mix
Turkey Gravy Mix
Chicken Gravy Mix
Béarnaise Sauce Mix
Hollandaise Sauce Mix
Demi-Glace Mix
White Sauce Mix
Alfredo Sauce Mix
Spaghetti Sauce Mix
Cheese Sauce Mix
Beef Flavor Gravy Base
Chicken Flavor Gravy Base
Country Style Gravy Base


Snack Seasoning
Seasoned Rubs
Meat Seasoning
Pizza Sauce / Seasoning
Salad Dressing
Dip Seasoning
Omelet Seasoning
Soup Basics
Vegetable Seasoning
Specialty Blends
Poultry Seasoning
Gravy Mixes
Soluble Spice
Seafood Seasoning
Sauce Mixes
Natural Spice and Herbs

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