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Flavor Consultants is proud to offer a full line of dairy flavors for butter manufacturers using cultured milk with selected lactic cultures to produce the unique flavor components which are extracted from the milk and then purified using steam distillation, as well as natural dairy flavors using innovative new technologies including natural enzyme modification of milk, butter, and cheese.

Our customer base has grown to include global food, nutritional, confectionary and beverage manufactures as well as traditional butter manufactures and dairy companies. Our products are sold and distributed throughout the world using fresh dairy ingredients and unique combinations of food processing technologies to manufacture natural dairy flavors.

We specialize in:

  • Natural dairy flavors purified by steam distillation
    Wholesome dairy ingredients are cultured and fermented to develop distinct dairy flavors. We then concentrate these flavors with our proprietary technology to capture nature’s finest dairy flavors.
  • Natural dairy flavors produced by natural enzyme processes
    The flavors locked in fresh cream, cheese and butter are released and magnified through the use of specially selected, naturally occurring enzymes. The proprietary process precisely cleaves and releases the flavor components from the product matrix, to produce all natural flavor concentrations ranging from 25 to 100 times the flavor strength of the product from which it was derived.
  • Blended and Compounded Flavor Systems
    The basic flavor keys produced using our flavor manufacturing technologies can be custom blended to deliver the unique profile needed for specific product applications. We can produce blended flavors in liquid, paste or spray dried powder form.

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