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  • Brewing & Distilling Yeast
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  • Feed Additive Products

Yeast Extracts:

  • Chicken Flavor
  • Roast Chicken Flavor
  • Beef Flavor
  • Roast Beef Flavor
  • Meaty/Beefy Flavor
  • Umami Flavor
  • Brown Flavor Note

We offer a wide variety of yeast extracts from light, flavor-enhancing profiles to dark, roast types. They have a rich flavor profile very similar to many top brands but for a much lower cost than our competitors; matches or counterparts are available for the most popular types of yeast! Our full line is made from natural baker’s yeast as its raw material. Yeast Extracts are rich in various amino acids, polypeptides, flavor nucleotides, and group-B vitamins and are also free from cholesterol and fatty acids.

Yeast Extract Applications:

  • Bouillon
  • Cheese and Meat Products
  • Entrees and Side Dishes
  • Frozen Foods
  • Gravies
  • Instant Noodles
  • Snack Foods
  • Soups
  • Soy Sauce/Oyster Sauce
  • Spice and Seasoning Mixes
  • Vegemite/Marmite
  • Vegetarian Foods

Request a Sample

Do you have a new application that you need ingredients for, or an ingredient you are currently using that you would like matched and replaced at a better cost? Please contact us to request a sample!

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