Tim Wallace founded Flavor Consultants, Inc. in 1995 in a small home office. Over the years, Flavor Consultants, Inc. has grown to represent dozens of flavor and food ingredient companies, and is responsible for product sales, promotion, and distribution worldwide. Tim’s belief in doing business fairly and honestly, along with his enthusiasm for new trends in food ingredients and technology, has helped Flavor Consultants, Inc. grow into the respected company that it is today.

Tim knew the importance of good customer service, high-quality product offerings, and fair pricing. While Flavor Consultants, Inc. has a diverse and valued customer base comprised of large and small companies, Tim always went out of his way to help companies that were just starting out. He was happy to answer questions and give advice to them so that they could find the success that he had achieved.

Our goal at Flavor Consultants, Inc. is to continue the legacy that Tim Wallace has built and to continue to grow the company by applying the same principles of ‘Service, Quality, and Price’ that Tim practiced in each and every business interaction.

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Do you have a new application that you need ingredients for, or an ingredient you are currently using that you would like matched and replaced at a better cost? Please contact us to request a sample!

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