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Flavor Consultants, Inc. has been importing and exporting high-quality, low-cost food ingredients all around the world since 1995. We handle promotion, sales, and distribution in over 45 countries, and offer a wide variety of food ingredients, flavor chemicals, and specialty products. We work closely with our suppliers and clients on an individual basis to create and match customized flavors while keeping the lowest possible prices. Our worldwide relationships give us the ability to find the best sources for ingredients and raw materials, while our unsurpassed customer service has the ability to assist with technical questions and inquiries in a timely manner. Our objective is to provide high-quality products at the lowest cost and effectively coordinate the needs and requirements of our customers.

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Do you have a new application that you need ingredients for, or an ingredient you are currently using that you would like matched and replaced at a better cost? Please contact us to request a sample!

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